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Protecting and Improving Online Reputations

If not carefully monitored, a negative online reputation can be what leads to the demise of a business. It takes only one unhappy client with a bad opinion to create unflattering results that people will see when they search for a business online. It can lead to lower ratings on popular consumer review sites and encourage people to look for the service or product elsewhere.

One of the most common reasons why businesses suddenly begin to lose customers without realizing why, is from this type of event. Not monitoring their online reputation makes it impossible to be aware of what is happening and what people are saying. It is not enough to just know, companies must answer and address the complaints because it is not only the one complaint. It is also all the other potential customers who are waiting to hear the other side of the story.

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Effective digital reputation managment is about finding all the comments and complaints and doing whatever it takes to mitigate them. This may be explaining on social media why the complaint was not accurate or addressing the customer directly. It could also include using SEO techniques to improve the results found in search engines.

In addition, researching the competition is another step that businesses need to do, but often neglect. It is important to know where competitors are, who they are and what they are doing. Regular competitive research for business is necessary because it reveals how others advertise, what their reputation is and what type of revenue they are earning. This is important to every business because it can help lower-rated companies to see why their competition is doing better than them. Businesses must know specifically how others are using advertising techniques and what their customers are leaving for comments. By doing so they can make changes in their own habits and processes to help gain attention for themselves.

Online reputations can be made or lost in almost an instant. Rumors and complaints can spread across social media accounts in seconds. Millions of people will have access to this damaging information and very few will spend any time checking to see if what they have read is accurate. By being proactive, companies can make certain that they never have to try to repair the damage or prove a rumor to be false.

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